Friday, May 15, 2009

Rambling Rose

Time for more random stuff. Friday Fragments are presented in conjunction with the fabulous Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin' Time. Check her out - she's one of a kind!
* I had the opportunity to attend a high school production of The Music Man this week. Two of the sons of my friend were in it, and I was excited to see them perform. I knew they’d be good, but what I wasn’t expecting was how well done the entire performance was. The voices were excellent, the sets amazing, and the dance numbers were spectacular. I think they must be growing kids more talented these days.

* I clocked 15 miles on the old treadmill this week – a new record. The best part was that, while I was walking, I cleaned a lot of stuff off my DVR. I record a lot of TV – I like a lot of shows, and I’ve come to the point where I can’t bear to watch anything while it’s actually on. I hate waiting for commercials. If I record everything, I can zip through an hour show in a little over 40 minutes. Much more efficient, and it helps distract me from the boringness of the treadmill. The only problem is that I have to play everything on such high volume (because of the treadmill noise) that I drive everybody else in the house crazy.

* Am I the only one with a cat that constantly vomits? One of my cats is always throwing up. It totally infuriates me. Especially since she then goes immediately back to the food dish. Arghh. I’ve had to add a step to my morning routine: checking the house for cat puke. A lovely way to start my day, don’t you think?
* The play is coming along well. It's amazing how the characters are taking shape. The best part of the whole thing is the fact that, for a few hours during each rehearsal, all my problems are forgotten. It's impossible to concentrate on what's bothering you when people are performing. Add that to the fact that I get to spend time with some people I really like to spend time with, and it's a win-win. Everybody should get involved with theater. It's therapeutic. Kinda like blogging.

* I am going through a “I hate cooking” phase. My oven is not working, and it looks like I might have to replace the whole appliance. I’m going to have to save for a while to make that happen, so, in the meantime, I have to cook on the stovetop only. The burners all work fine. The problem is that I am sick to death of making everything I know how to cook on the stovetop. We have some stir fry creation just about every other day, with a spaghetti night and a crockpot night thrown in. If I never see another chicken/vegetables/rice stir fry for the rest of my life, I won’t care. Anybody have any suggestions?


Andrew Scott Turner said...








PS: Missed you last night! Wish you were there...oh wait, I mean wish you was there

AirmanMom said...

ME...always love your fridays! I too, hate cooking anymore... Too many years of meal planning! Cooking for four kids, for 20 years... when my youngest moved out...I put my oven mitts away! Hubster is now the cook and it works out well! Your day will come!
Happy Friday!

Midwest Mommy said...

I loved the musicals when I was in high school. I remember a teacher asking me why I never tried out because she thought I could do it. I was so shy (can you believe that). If I could go back I would rock that stage, lol.
Oh and I don't have a cat so I can't help you there, lol.

c3 said...

Grilled Cheese.
Wonderful things in a pressure cooker.
Fry breads.
Anything with grilled onions (they make all things better!)

Sorry. I got a little carried away. Hope your oven can recover, or that you find a GREAT deal at an auction and get an awesome new stove/cooktop. Not sure why an auction, but why not?

Joanie M said...

My one cat sometimes throws up. Last time he did, I joined him. (yes it was that gross)

Wanna combine houses? My dryer broke and my dishwasher is sort of broken, but my oven works! I never use it but it works.

Oh! And my sump pump is misbehaving and my basement flooded 2 and nearly a third time in 2 weeks.

for a different kind of girl said...

I cleared a bunch of shows off my DVR this weekend by watching them. Alas, I did so while sitting (and alternately laying) on my couch! It's the only way I would know that watching a 60 minute episode of '24' only takes 40 minutes!

Nichole said...

Adding to C3's suggestions:

Any kind of meat including seafood cooks pretty well in a skillet. I use my cast iron for almost everything: pork chops, halibut, chicken breasts, scallops

You can also do a lot of casserole type dishes on the stove top in a larger pot. They don't all have to be baked, just involves a litle more stirring :)

Good luck!

Becca said...

if your cat is constantly puking but still hungry, it may be a thyroid issue, a vet trip is in your future

Proud Mom said...


And can you believe that goon scored the Bruins' season ending goal? What an awesome season, though! Win or loose, I still love the Bruins.

I, too, belong to the "I hate Cooking Club".

As for suggestions:
Day 1 Nachoes & Margaritas
Day 2 Chips & Margaritas
Day 3 Pizza & Margaritas
Day 4 Corn Flakes & Margaritas
Day 5 Lean Cuisine & Margaritas
Day 6 Margaritas & Margaritas
Day 7 The boys cook

Evansmom said...

You can cook meatloaf and pizza on your gas grill. For the meatloaf use the disposable loaf pans and cook covered with tin foil with the cover down on your grill. You may want to use the smaller sized and cook two at the same time. They both taste very good - different but good. More smoky flavored.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

work that corck pot out... you can make just about anything in it!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

or grill out

Laura ~Peach~ said...


katy said...

My oven went out last week too but my hubby went and bought an element to put in it. I have been wanting a new stove but decided to make this one do for awhile longer.

Odette said...

OOOH DVR! I miss my DVR :( I fully agree that you need something to get the boringness of the treadmill, but good for you for doing it! :)

ummm about the cooking thing... I love to cook, but I too do a lot of stir frys etc. So I guess I'm not much help!


Jocelyn said...

When you can't take it any longer there is always my stove...make that my brother's stove. I don't think he'll mind. He owes me after 4 years and a really good deal on the house...

Lynn said...

I have a few good stovetop recipes on my kitchen blog your family might like...check it

You can also put oven safe baking dishes inside your crockpot and bake casseroles or anything else too...takes longer but it works ! I thought my oven would never die (it lasted 18 years and then bit the dust)

Kudos on the treadmill is so boring...I'm glad you mentioned your cat problem, my cat started doing that recently too...Thanks for the tip day I was fresh out of the shower and she let loose on my foot and then my bed ! ICK !

Mrs4444 said...

Why, yes, I do!

Good job on the treadmill; put some miles on for me, will ya?!

A vomiting cat is a cat who isn't brushed regularly. I'm just sayin'... Our cat's puking pretty regularly too, so don't feel bad; we never brush that poor cat.

Scriptor Senex said...

One of our cats is simply greedy. He eats till he's sick and then starts again. I've found the only way round it is putting the food out in small doses - espcially dried food. Don't know if this is the answer - as your commentors suggest there are probably lots of reasons. If you are into analysing cat vomit - as I got at one stage - the cat hair one is pretty obviously different and usually a lot less messy.

Barb said...

Hey, my cats were always having hairballs. I feed them the hairball control Science Diet now--dry and canned--and it's like some sort of miracle: no more hairballs! (Well, unless my DOG eats a skein of yarn or something.)

Vegas Princess said...

I love Proud Mom's suggestions. But breakfast for dinner is always fun! French toast or waffles or pancakes. Damn, now I want some.

My kitties will throw up more if I don't keep up on their brushing because they get lots of hariballs. So I can't blame them, it's my fault.

Tonjia said...

suggestions? sandwiches. sloppy joes, microwave meals. what about a barbeque grill? we grill a lot especially in the summer, the oven heats up the house too much

Anonymous said...

ME - Remember the grill you spent so much time shoveling off this winter?!? Use it everyday! Who needs an oven. I'll send you recipes! It was so nice seeing you on Saturday! Carrie

Abby Reed said...

Hey you! A few things:

1) 15 miles, that is so AWESOME! Proud of you!

2) Vomiting cat -- my vet told us that it is normal for a cat to vomit about 2-5 times a YEAR! He said, contrary to popular belief, cats should *not* vomit regularly. Could be a sign of something (like kidney or liver failure). Maybe get puddy tat checked out, just to make sure!

3) I still don't have a DVR, but am seriously thinking of getting one!