Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fragments - Random is my middle name

Time again for Friday Fragments – although I’m so late today, I bet nobody reads it! For fragment perfection, one has to get up pretty early in the morning! FF is the place to dump all your random thought globules so as to keep them from coagulating and clogging your more productive brain activity. The big brain behind this whole thing is Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin’ Time, who keeps track of everyone’s randomness, so check her, and all the other FF-ers, out!

* I went down to the university yesterday to fill out some paperwork and get processed (wait, that sounds like I’m a salami) so that I can start work on Monday. I’m starting to believe it now, and I’m excited (and nervous) beyond words. The biggest issue continues to be my wardrobe, but I’m just going to have to make it work somehow. Maybe if I start wearing the same things twice in the same week, they’ll give me a clothing allowance.

* It’s funny that working actually COSTS money, and until I start actually getting paid, this is a bit of a dilemma. I need clothes and shoes, gas for the hour commute, money for a parking permit, and probably other things I haven’t even thought of yet. I did find out that I’ll get paid bi-weekly, which is not my favorite thing, but the benefits are very good. I’m just so grateful to have a job, I doubt I’ll be complaining about anything.

* I just read somewhere that it’s healthier to breathe through your nose. Evidently, a lot of people breathe through their mouths, which causes them to take shallow breaths. Shallow breaths signal the brain that you’re anxious, so it puts out stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. When you breathe through your nose, your stress levels measurably drop, and you get more oxygen in your blood, which gives you more energy and makes everything in your body work better. I’m going to work on this by trying to keep my mouth shut more. Anybody who knows me knows what a challenge this is going to be.

* I am being overrun by these things, which I call Chinese Lanterns, but I have no idea if that’s their actual name. They grow all up inside my rose bushes, and sometimes up the side of my house. I think they’re a weed, but one of my friends loves them, and is always wanting to dig them up and transplant them to her house. I have to admit that they’re colorful, and they do appear – appropriately – in the early fall. Still, I’d like them better if they were a little more well-mannered in where they choose to grow. Here’s a picture of them (try to imagine zillions of them, all tangled up in roses and such)

* My current card-making obsession:

This card has a cool removable bookmark in it, so you can keep the pretty part of the card instead of throwing it away. The bookmark has magnetic strips on it, so it grips either side of the page securely, and looks good at the same time. I mean, who can't use a nice bookmark? Here’s a blurry picture of the bookmark:

* I’m going to get a bunch of them done – in different designs – this weekend while I’m still inspired. Of course, that requires me to finish the 101 chores I’ve also got on my list. I guess I better get started. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Evansmom said...

It bears repeating - they didn't hire the contents of your closet - they hired YOU!!

Love the card/bookmarks.

I don't know the name of those plants/weeds either. We always called them chinese lanterns too.

No matter what time you post, I always read your blog!

See you next week!

Shellie said...

How exciting about your job! Hope you survive till pay day. If it's not too rude, what size do you wear? Someone was offering me women's clothing the other day. I love love love card making, one of those things I used to do before I was inundated with boys-love yours! And ditto for me on the keeping the mouth shut thing.

Becca said...

Sending you all the positive thoughts I have for Monday (which means my family will be left with a negative nellie this weekend, but hey, you're worth it). As for clothes, do you have a Value Village nearby???? I find awesome clothes cheap there all the time

knittergran said...

I love your card and bookmark. I have the supplies to do those things, but not the creativity. I can only copy. :-(
And I do love the small pumpkin-like things, but I have something odd but pretty growing through my perennials, so I know what you mean about the combination of admiring/wishing they would go away.
I hope you will love your new job!

Sue said...

Can't you just wear "university" clothing? Maybe you get a discount on their sweatshirts and tshirts!

The bookmark card is ADORABLE!!! You are very clever! Sell them!

Happy Weekend!

Under the Influence said...

Since I am so behind on my blog reading due to my vacay, I am just now finding out you got the job! That is such great news and I am very happy for you.

As for the clothing, I used to be an HR Manager and people used to complain about having to follow the dress code when pregnant - those clothes were so temporary and expensive! I did encourage people to get one or two nice things that could mix and match together and just wear them repeatedly. I encourage you to do the same! It really is ok and most people will not even notice. Heck, I can't even remember what I wore yesterday.

Good luck and I know you'll do great!

MrsSki said...

Those weeds don't look like weeds at all!!! They are pretty cool looking.

Congratulations on your new job. It is stressful though when trying to figure out how to get work clothes, gas money, parking permit money, etc. when you haven't even gotten the first pay check.

The card you made is so cool. I would definitely love to receive that!

Smoochiefrog said...

Cute card and bookmark. Looks like Stampin' Up stuff. Is it?

c3 said...

Don't take my word for it, but in the back of my brain is a little nugget saying that chinese lanterns are related to tomatillos and are also edible fruits. Wonder if that's true?

The cards are awesome!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Cute card.

You with your mouth shut??



Unknown Mami said...

I don't know if those Chinese Lanterns are a weed, but I think they are kind of purdy.

The bookmarks on the card are just brilliant!

Tranquility said...

Neat cards!

CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!

Those flowers are so interesting. I just saw some of those at a farmer's market recently - so pretty! Maybe you could sell some of them to keep them under control! ;)

That is interesting... about the breathing through your nose. Sometimes I realize that several moments have passed and I've forgotten to breathe altogether - I don't know what causes it, but maybe I'm breathing too much through my mouth (though I typically keep it closed, so maybe that's not it after all).

claudia said...

I tried real hard to breath through my nose while I was reading your fragments. It didn't work, I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I don't seem to get enough air when I breath through my nose!
Love your bookmark/card! Vurry nice, vurry, vurry nice.
Yes, having a job is expensive. That is one reason I like the hardware one expects me to look good while telling them how to fix a plumbing problem!
As for me, I really can't afford to work anymore. But I don't like the alternative.
YAY! For you on Monday!!!!!

Lori Skoog said...

...and you thought nobody would read this...HA! What will you be doing at the University? You will be in the groove in no time. Sounds like a great opportunity to glad you got the job.

Reddirt Woman said...

Evansmom said it all, so double her remarks for me... Now I'm going to google chinese lanterns.


Reddirt Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reddirt Woman said...

I'm back... after double hitting the post button earlier... Chinese lanterns are related to potatoes. They are an herb and have edible fruit, as long as it is ripe. They are used for various medicinal purposes including, but not limited to, incontinence and bed wetting. They are also dried for decorative purposes and, as you know, they are invasive bullies in the garden. That's a quick synopsis. Aren't you proud of me knowing that word and even using it correctly?!

Whew... that was a mouthful!


Midwest Mommy said...

I told the hubs we can't afford for me to go back to work. None of my old work clothes fit me anymore, lol. I totally understand where you are coming from but good luck on the new job and congrats!

Anonymous said...

Cute bookmark.

Yes, breathing through your nose is a yoga thing.

mub said...

Hey, congrats on the job!!

I really love those card bookmarks, what a neat idea =)

Mrs4444 said...

20 comments?! See, you really ARE loved :)

So happy for you on the job front!! Don't forget about lunch money :) Shop for clothes at Goodwill--you can find some great bargains if you look hard enough. TJMax has good deals, too. There's always Kohls, too, if you have them in Maine. Great deals and nice clothes.

I'll be every one of your readers breathed in deeply when reading about the nose vs. mouth breathing thing. I know I did...

I LOVED those Chinese Lantern thingies when I was a kid and haven't see them since. I so wish I could see some IRL :(

Your bookmarks are beautiful~

Caution Flag said...

Judge me not, but I've never heard of Chinese lanterns.

Just keep smiling (which looks even better with an open mouth, by the way) and the clothing simply won't matter at all.

I can NOT wait to hear about the first day :)

Barb said...

Hey, wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow. Not that you need it.

Tonjia said...

I love the cards!!! you are very talented!

good luck with your new job tomorrow, I can hardly wait to hear all about it.

those plants are pretty, I have never seen them

Vegas Princess said...

Those cards look amazing!

Good luck with your new job! I know you are going to be brilliant.

I admit, when you first said Chinese Lanterns I thought you were tlaking about the paper decorative kind and Iw as wonderign why int he world you would be overrun by them in your yard...

Elenka said...

Good luck on Monday! Hope you LOVE this job.
What a clever bookmark/card idea. Gads better than throwing a card totally away!!!

Lynn said...

I read your all the time and yu give me a good giggle !

Yes, getting a job does cost money at first but I am so happy you went out there and got this economy it is a blessing !

I love chinese lanterns, even though they are pesky little weeds ! Perfect for fall, they look kinda like little pumpkins.

I'm gonna try breathing thru my nose more often now...who knew it relieves stress and gives you more energy ? Thanks !

AirmanMom said...

me...I am so behind on my blog reading, due to the birth of #4 grandgirl, but she is well worth it!
the Chinese Lanterns are actually considered a perennial, however they behave like a weed! the colors are so vibrant and perfect for this time of year. We sell them at our garden center! yep, people actually pay for these *weeds* to grow in their yard!
Prayers are lifted for you, my friend.

Sarah Laurence said...

I put a few sprigs of the Chinese Lanterns in a vase – they last a long time. Great for fall.

On the post below: it was sad to hear of Mary’s death – her music was the background of my childhood and my children.

kanishk said...

I love your card and bookmark. I have the supplies to do those things, but not the creativity......

How to make a website

justlori2day said...

Love the card/bookmarks! Some day when you have time (ha!) can you post details? (ha! again!).

I miss you! I am trying to commit more time to reading the people I admire, adore and want to keep up with!

Excited to read more about your job! lo

YouBella said...

I love your card and bookmark..nice creativity..I also love to make these different kinds of cards

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