Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mother Nature makes her own plans

Well, it turns out I'm not going to the state capital to check out the Maine archives today. Mother Nature had other ideas, and is dumping heavy, wet snow on us at this very moment. We have about 6 inches, and it's still snowing now (at 6:30 AM). I think it's pretty, but it's going to be heavy shoveling, and not good for traveling. Since it started last night, it also caused the postponement of my bi-monthly 'Meet the Girls for Dinner' outing. Every other month (as best as we can manage with busy schedules) I meet my two best friends from college for dinner in Portland, which is centrally located for all of us. We get together and talk really fast and laugh our asses off. There's nothing like it in the attitude adjustment arena. If you could hear us, I think, (as long as you couldn't see us with our little wrinkles and expanded waistline) you'd think we were still those girls from college, draped over those silly couches in the dorm lounge, listening to Meatloaf and giggling over boys.

Anyway, we're re-scheduled for tonight, so let's hope the storm gets its bags packed and outta here soon so the crack road crew can do its magic before 5:00!

I'll have to put off my trip to the archives until next week, because the kids are racing again this weekend, and I have to get them packed and ready tomorrow.

Ah, the best-laid plans of mice and men...

Which reminds me of that book "Of Mice and Men" which has to be one of the most depressing of the Steinbeck books (which is saying a lot.)

Ok, I'm going to stop writing before this turns into stream-of-consciousness drivel that isn't even interesting to me! Have a great day everyone, and thanks for all the funny, witty and supportive comments. They totally make my day! Special shout-out to Kim-D, who commented twice yesterday - You make me happy! and to Andrew, who is one of the most quick-witted people who has ever lived.


Andrew Scott Turner said...

My high school english teacher refused to allow us to watch the end of The Grapes of Wrath because it shows a woman breast-feeding.


That's my Steinbeck story.

My english teacher the next year let us watch the original (1968?) version of Romeo and Juliet, but almost got canned because it shows Juliet's boobies.

That's my Shakespeare story.

Isn't Literature great!?!?

AirmanMom said...

me...sorry for your disappointment. Mother Nature's strength...rules.
Make it a good weekend!


kim-d said...

I may be strange, but I like Grapes of Wrath. For some reason, it makes me think of my own family, some generations back. Times were hard back then. My all-time favorite book, though, is To Kill A Mockingbird. I re-read it at least every year. And this really doesn't have anything to do with anything, just thought I'd share.

I saw the 1968, Olivia Hussey version of Romeo & Juliet. At the theater, with a gaggle of giggling girlfriends, which tells y'all just exactly how old I am. I DO NOT remember boobies??? We were probably laughing hysterically.

Again, don't know where I'm going with all of this. BUT, drive careful and have lots of fun tonight with YOUR gaggle of giggling girlfriends. I'm jealous. All I want is to discuss "Blind Faith." I'm thinking you must not have liked it??? Be sure to take your industrial-strength inhaler with you tonight. If all goes well, I expect to hear from you soon. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i wont try to make you jealous with the weather here today... but I will invite you to hop a plane and head south if the spirit and snow so move you to!

I love grapes of wrath... fantastic book! must dig out the movie and see the woman breast feeding...LOL.

Well hope you have a safe great day!

Andrew Scott Turner said...

At the end of GOR, a woman's child is hungry and she has nothing to feed him. Another woman riding in the back of the truck takes the baby and breastfeeds him.

In RAJ, Olivia (Juliet of course) jumps into bed with her young ehem .. swordsman, and you see just about everything.

The local Baptists were furious. Apparently they didn't get the memo that teens had sex, sex involves nudity (usually), and that girls have boobies.

Hi Mary Ellen! thanks for sharing your blog space!


Andrew Scott Turner said...

And that would be "GOW" not "GOR"

Yeah, yeah, spare me the "And you consider yourself a writer?" comments

Andrew Scott Turner said...

And one huge correction...

In the novel by Steinbeck, he alludes to a starving man being breastfed by a woman whose breasts are painfully engorged with milk.

Not a baby.

(See, they wouldn't let us watch it so I didn't know!!)

claudia said...

Nice blog Andrew...oh wait, those were comments! LOL Just kidding, I enjoyed your comments!
M.E. How did you and I get on Mother Nature's "list"? She dumped on me, she should really give you a break and let you go to the capital and do your research!
I'll have a talk with her!
Are ya feeling any better? I certainly hope so!

TattingChic said...

Hope you were able to meet up with your college girlfriends! Sounds fun!

Abby Reed said...

When I saw the word "drivel" in your blog, I immediately thought of something. Are you a reader? If so, I highly recommend anything by Steve Martin, specifically "Shopgirl." It is my very favorite book of all time. Why does drivel make me think of Steve Martin, you ask? Well, he also has a book called pure drivel, and I hadn't heard that word since that book.

So, in conclusion, go get the book "Shopgirl." It is a beautiful book... but don't ever watch the movie. It's horrible, and not like the book.

The End.

Sue said...

Hmmm, maybe I will whip up to Portland to hear you college girls giggle! The snow is suppose to stop. It rained buckets here last night. Hey if it doesn't stop snowing, take the sled and the dogs. Ha, that's going to be a funny picture in my head today. Pulling up to the rest. with the sleigh and asking the valet to park them..... now I am going to stop my drivel.....

Alice said...

I love girls' nights I hope you get yours!!

And I think the research idea is a great one. I'm sorry you're having to wait for something you have already waited on so long...but even though you feel like nothing is getting done --God is busy working for you.

Fingers crossed its a fun night out for you tonight!

Becca said...

In May I am going to Calif ot meet up with my family forto reunion for my mom's b-day and we will be staying in monterey, so of course my dad immediately says OOOH, cannery row! can we go see it? I was like oh yes, lets go and see the inspiration for A REALLY DEPRESSING BOOK on vacation, that's my idea of fun. (The good thing is, I think they have turned cannery row into an outlet center!)

jojo said...

well o.k...I didn't get a shout out...guess I need to get my witty self on. HA.
Hope you have a great time with your gal pals...sounds like just the break you need...
you can send some of that snow here, I love it and we rarely get snowed on or in for that matter.
I must check out Andrew's blog when I get a chance...seems like I'm missing something!!
Take care ME, have a good weekend...

(did I sound a little needy??)

Odette said...

Stupid mother nature! We must be on the same system 'cause it seems whenever you get snow I also get snow! (Checking Map)ahhh yes I see that Montreal is close, so that would explain it. (and yes I did have to check a map cause I am just that challenged.)I miss the west coast where it is almost warm by now. GO AWAY WINTER!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I may be 39 but I am BENDY!!!


Tonjia said...

oh man, I know you guys are really tired of snow. Hang in there, spring is surely right around the corner!

Vegas Princess said...

I certainly do not miss plans being rescheduled due to weather. Hope it clears out soon! And those types of dinner with good friends are the best kind. Who else can we be silly with?