Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday I was a little whiny, I admit it. Sorry about that. My usual sunny disposition evidently requires some actual sun a little more often than once every three weeks.

I took my own (and yours) advice and went to a movie yesterday, and the best part was that my friend Andrew's lovely wife, Corrine, came with me! We saw The Proposal, the new Sandra Bullock flick, since it was purported to be a 'chick flick' and I wanted a happy ending, dammit. The movie was cute - not laugh-out-loud funny the whole time or anything, but cute. Seeing Ms. Bullock mostly naked did nothing for my self-esteem, but who cares? I was munching on chocolate covered peanuts, out of the house, and it wasn't raining.

The best part was visiting with Corrine. She's just terrific, and a great listener. Andy, you're a lucky, lucky man. Corrine, I hope we can get together again soon - and this time we'll skip the movie and just visit!

When I got home, I had a missed call from my buddy Jocelyn, who invited me over for popcorn and a few episodes of Lost. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, she had eaten all the popcorn. How rude! Actually, though, it was my own fault, since I decided to cook dinner for my son and his girlfriend first. I love visiting Jocelyn - I can be totally comfortable over there. Sometimes I even go over in my pj's. We watched a couple of episodes from the second season, which she's currently working through with Netflix, which renewed my resolve to get caught up on this show. Maybe during the next rainy spell.

When I left Jocelyn's house, there was an actual break in the clouds. You could sorta see a tiny little patch of sky if you squinted your eyes just enough. Ahh, Hope, you sly elusive feeling, is that you?

Last night, to polish off a much-improving mood, I received an unexpected phone call from my Aunt Marlena. She's my dad's youngest sister. I haven't spoken to her in a really long time. It was a thrill to hear her voice (and that fantastic Jersey accent I love so much) and get caught up on what all my cousins are doing. When I was growing up, we visited my dad's family a lot, and we were very close. There were 7 girls, including me, and most of us were pretty near in age. My poor brother was the only boy, and had to play Barbies and babydolls or be alone.

Aunt Mar was always the 'cool' aunt - she always seemed so young, and much more modern than my folks. We were reminiscing about how her oldest daughter had an almost life-size doll that looked just like her. I coveted that doll madly when I was a kid. You could hold the doll's hand and it would walk along beside you - it was the bomb, let me tell you. Evidently, Aunt Mar didn't love the doll all the time, though. She said it would constantly scare the stuffing out of her, when she would walk into the darkened playroom, having just seen her daughter upstairs, and see the doll sitting there. Yikes.

It was great to talk with her, and it brings back such wonderful memories of my childhood. We didn't have a big family (my mom was an only child, and my dad had just the two sisters) but we all treasured being together. Some of the happiest times I remember were in that house in New Jersey. I need to do a better job of staying in touch.

So, I got through the day and it ended on a much better note than it started. Then, this morning, it finally happened - the sun. In the sky. Streaming through my window. Un-freaking-believable.

If you're looking for me, I'll be outside. I might come in for lunch, and to shower before I head off to the play tonight. If I can force myself. To the director of Never Too Late: if I don't show up, feel free to start without me.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I won't even tell you how RUDE it is not to mention that your night actually ended talking to me!!!





I'll take that frosting NOW!!!

Evansmom said...

Yeah! I am happy that your mood is better - and that it isn't raining today!

Elenka said...

I don't know where you live, but when I got up, it was cloudy....brighter...but cloudy. BUT in the last 3 minutes, someone turned on the light outside!!
It actually is making me squint !
Gotta get dressed and go up and look at my veggie garden. I suspect it's a mess....
But I ain't complaining!!
Enjoy the day !

claudia said...

I think you embarrassed the sun enough to make it show it's elusive face.
Hooray for good days like yours was yesterday!
Happy Sunshine to you!
I hope today that old sun stay out for you!

knittergran said...

I'm glad you got some sun, but I envy you the rain. I returned from my two weeks in Texas to discover there had been NO rain at home. And it's hot.
AND I'm glad you had such a good day! Connecting with your aunt must have been nice-made me think to call mine later. She is very old now, and I don't hear from her any more. So now it's my turn.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am happy you guys are getting some su but its freakin insane when at 1030 in the morning i am sitting on the porch only moving my mouse finger and sweating.... they are telling us to expect 28 days in a row of temps over 90 and no rain.... UGGGGGGGG please push hard and get the rain down here

Jocelyn said...

I think the Karma has gotten to me. I have a kernal of popcorn stuck in my tooth and this is after teeth brushing and flossing!! Next time I won't eat it all without you...promise.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

see, even when I'm not in the room, you can have fun thanks to me.

It's true, I do cause a lot of happiness.

Becca said...

yay, sunshine!!! (and by the way, all dolls are creepy, regardless of size)

Nichole said...

glad there is a break in the weather, sunshine's good for the soul :)

Odette said...

YAY for the sun! I am thinking that you guys probably had a similar system to ours that finished yesterday. It's supposed to get stormy here tonight too, so I had better get out and enjoy that sun! :)

Sarah Laurence said...

Mary Ellen, I heard about the horrible weather. I just got back from a couple of weeks in sunny (can you believe it?) England. Today is nice. It sounds like you’ve been having fun despite the weather.

katy said...

We had quite a few dry and very hot days but today was rainy again.
Look at it this least you aren't Michael Jackson today.

Scriptor Senex said...

It's been brilliantly sunny up in N W Scotland too, Sarah Laurence!!

Sounds like you ended up having a great day ME, hope the sun stays out for you.
:-) SS

Joanie M said...

I'm glad you had a good evening and SUNNY day today!

You were talking about a small family. I came from a HUGE family... mom was 1 of 10 and Dad was 1 of 6 (I myself am 1 of 8). I have 38 cousins and I can't even begin to in the children and grandchildren of my cousins!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

And what a wonderful day!!!

Vegas Princess said...

That sounds like a great day, sun or no sun!

Gregory Bennett said...

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