Friday, June 5, 2009

Of No Consequence

Time for Friday Fragments again - even though I feel like I've written fragments all week after answering all those questions. If you like random, you're in the right place - and if you really, really like it, check out the mother ship: Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin' Time.

* I can only stand writing with an extra fine writing instrument. I like a micro point (uni-bell deluxe micro is my favorite) pen. I cannot stand using an old fashioned ball-point pen - to me if feels like I’m scraping the pen across the paper. I don’t use pencils unless I absolutely have to, for the same reason. If I’m forced to use a pencil, only a super-sharp one will do. I used to carry my own sharpener when I was in school. I choose to believe that it’s these little idiosyncrasies that add so much to my charm.

* Do you think that inconsiderate people ever suddenly realize? Like, one day, they’re trying to watch something they’re really interested in – a movie, a play, their kid’s recital – and somebody is talking or stomping around or blocking their view, and they suddenly think, Oh, wow! I think I’ve been doing stuff like that all my life!! I think I’ll start being a decent human being! Or maybe that guy who never uses his turn signal one day almost runs into someone who didn’t use theirs, and he thinks, gosh, I think I have caused other drivers to have to slam on their brakes a lot – I won’t do that anymore! Do you think that ever happens?

* You know what is NEVER a good sign? When someone asks you to add Imodium AD to the shopping list. Just saying.

* You know what else isn’t so good? When you come home and find a bloody shirt soaking in the sink. Of course, it was a good sign that someone took the time to start soaking the shirt at all. I figure if someone was bleeding to death, they wouldn’t have bothered, right? It turns out Alex had gone to the rescue of “an old woman who fell and put her eyeglasses into her eye.” Dude, what?? After further questioning, it turns out the woman fell, broke her glasses and one of the broken pieces pierced the skin NEAR her eye. Evidently there was quite a lot of blood, and in helping her, Alex got some on him. That might be the first time the blood soaking in my kitchen sink was NOT ours.

* Some of you may remember when I reviewed the three info-mercial products a while back? Well, I wish somebody – maybe one of you? – would review the ‘male enhancement’ product. I forget its name, but it’s the one that Smiling Bob uses. Every single time I see that commercial, I’m just filled with curiosity. How exactly does it work? And, does it really do anything? Inquiring minds want to know.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Not to not visit the ME household until blood in sink and Immodium AD are ALL GONE!!



claudia said...

Okay, your sons continue to make ME proud! Helping old ladies, another on thier list of good sons deeds.
And yeah Imodium Ad...'nuff said!
Love your FF's. It's like sitting in your kitchen with a cuppa and having a friend to friend chat. But I too would like to wait til the Imodium has done it's job and the blood in the kitchen sink/shirt are all gone!
Have a great day!

Andrew Scott Turner said...

FINE I will stop talking to you during rehearsals

And no I do NOT need male enhancement, contrary to what someone may have told you, or any images posted on the web that I am not aware of

Midwest Mommy said...

I have to giggle and say the bloody first thought would have been who killed who, lol. As the hubs says I watch way too much CSI :-)

for a different kind of girl said...

I think those male enhancement products require the man to actually wrap and/or tape the pills around their...product, thus causing the resulting change in size.

I could be entirely wrong, though!

Caution Flag said...

Way to go, M.E., on raising such a fine son. That's cool. And he cared about the stain, too. Wow.

I always have students who bring their own sharpener to class and get miffed if someone else wants to borrow it. Maybe if I had even slightly pretty handwriting I would care more about the type of pen I use.

Male enhancement products have actually been on my mind this week. Thought about Googling the one, is it Maxoderm? just because I cannot understand how it causes a noticeable difference without inflicting terrible pain.

Becca said...

Don't need Smiling Bob's product at my house (bowchickabowbow...or whatever)but last night I bought an as-seen-on-TV product: Pedipaws, the tool to file your pets nails. Now let's see how much noise it makes and whether Ferguson actually lets me get close to his paws with it. Stay tuned

Odette said...

No I do not believe that inconsiderate people ever wake up and realize it. They are and always well be jerks! lol Sooo cynical.

yes Imodium AD must always be accompanied by matches! Never a good sign.

What a fine young man you have raised. Helping old ladies is very noble!

Hope you have a great weekend ME

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i will stick to topsty turvys and the shamwows and the door stopper thing LMAO but if someone does tell ...inquiring minds do want to know. LOL

Alice said...

Again, you show me you've raised some good kids - I'm watching you, ME. :)

I'm so on board with the writing thing. I have certain pens I use. And I hide them from co-workers (and sometimes spouses!)

If the Immodium doesn't work - might I suggest prenatal vitamins?? I'm just sayin'....

Abby said...

Haha, smiling Bob. I think that's called Enzyte, right? ahahah!

Joanie M said...

Are you talking about the male enhancement products you buy via 800 number or the RX type (viagra, levitra, cialis) you get at the pharmacy? If you're talking about the Rx kind, um.... they work beautifully. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate ball point pens! Hate!

Tranquility said...

I'm with you on the ultra fine writing instrument. I've nearly given up writing altogether! ;)

Scriptor Senex said...

Oh how I wish inconsiderate people would just wake up one day but I think that if you are born unable to put yourself in other people's shoes you stay that way. Sad but true!

AirmanMom said...

ME...always love your FF's. you jot down these things throughout the week or do they rush to you when you sit to type???? You certainly take us all over the place :)
Great post (again)

Mrs4444 said...

You must be swelling with pride over your son; that's awesome.

I love a pen that glides, but I do not like ink that smears, and I will not write with black ink. (Guess I'm charming, too!)

That's a good question; the inconsideration thing. I doubt it.

Male enhancement? I'd love to see that infomercial :)

Vegas Princess said...

I am so impressed with Alex, helping out a stranger when it involves blood. He is a special kids. :)

Evansmom said...

Has anyone else wondered why Cialis always has them in two bathtubs outside? I just don't understand the symbolism. (The old Viagra ad with the football player throwing the ball thru the hanging tire - I got that one!)

Also, has anyone else noticed that the first four letters of the chemical name for Cialis are TADA? Now, that could have inspired saome interesting commercials. :)

Lynn said...

You have really raised a wonderful son !

I know what you mean about inconsiderate people...they are clueless ! We traveled 3,000 miles to visit my Mom and Dad and Dad was so grateful to see us and Mom, after visiting 45 minutes with her said "60 minutes is coming on in 5 minutes, so...we left and boy was I miffed !