Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fragments

This is my first official Friday Fragments post. Basically, it's a conglomeration of thoughts, stuff that by itself might be too short for a whole post of its own. Random stuff, basically. I know, that's what a lot of my posts are, but this time it's on PURPOSE. See the distinction?

I got the idea from Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissing Time, who has a fabulously popular blog. I might just do it every Friday. We'll see how long my attention span turns out to be...

I take two medicines daily - for high blood pressure - and have for many years. They seem to work just fine, and they are the tiniest pills you could imagine, and cheap, thank heaven. I get 90 days supply at a time, in the smallest prescription bottle there is, and they don't even take up one-quarter of the bottle. Yesterday, I went to get my refill, and the package they gave me had something much larger, and rectangular-shaped, in it. When I got home, I found that they had given me 3 one-month blister-packages. The kind where each pill can be popped out through the foil. And the days are marked on them. So I push through Monday's pill, and can tell I already took it; and then on Tuesday, I push through Tuesday's pill. Fine, but why the change? Is it my age? Did the phamacist see my refill request and say to himself, "wow, she's old and she probably can't remember whether she took her pill every day. I better give her the old people pack"????????????????

All this talk about personal freedom has got me to thinking. I'm all for freedom. I cherish it, in fact, and thanks to those who have defended my liberty with their lives. Personal freedom seems to refer to something else - the freedom to be yourself, to be who you really are. This sounds good, too, until someone uses it as an excuse to hurt someone, to show utter disregard for others, to break the laws of decency. I guess what I mean is, that it's wonderful to be who you are. Unless who you are is a jerk. Then it's not so good.

One of the keys on my laptop squeaks when I press it. It only just started doing this a couple of days ago, and already I'm crazed from it. I've actually tried to think about skipping that letter - just not using any words that require it. Unfortunately, it's impossible - it's the letter T. In the previous two sentences, I used the T somewhere around 20 or more times. ARGGGH. Hey, I can type argggh without using the T.

Does anyone know why pineapple juice comes in cans instead of glass or plastic? One of my sons loves pineapple juice and will drink it in massive quantities. But it comes in non-resealable containers. This bugs the crap out of me. I have to open it with one of those old fashioned triangle can openers, and then empty the contents into a separate plastic container. Every other juice on the planet comes in plastic bottles with screw-top lids. What's with you, pineapple?

I have one dog who lives in the house a lot of the time. Her name is Bliss and she's a shepherd/husky mix. She is a bit too old to race on our pro teams, but she used to be an awesome leader, and still is our number one puppy trainer. Sometimes we lend her to people who want a really safe dog for their child's first race. Bliss is housebroken, obedience trained, doesn't eat the cats, and I love her to pieces. She keeps me company a lot these days. She understands everything I say. No, really, she does. Anyway, one of the things I love about her is that, every time I let her out to go potty, she runs down to the dog yard to play with her offspring. Her puppies are 10 months old now, and just about full grown. Most sled dogs are no longer interested in their puppies after weaning, but not Bliss. She loves them. Forever. We sold a dog (one of her puppies from a litter 5 years ago) to another racing team, and every time Bliss sees this dog at a race, she has to go love on her. I feel the exact same way about my kids.


Just Joni said...

These are great! Lots of thought provoking questions...I first thought you were going to say they gave you the wrong medicine!...and I'm with ya' on the pineapple juice, someone in marketing is a slacker. Give Bliss a pat on the head from me, I can't imagine keeping up with 4-legged kids.

Barb said...

I love Bliss and reading about her made me really miss my old Sydney. Give her a pat for me.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


That's all I've got.

Cuz I'm mad at you for the Hostess thing.


kim-d said...

OMG, it must be emotional time over here at Chez kim-d because I came **this** close to crying while reading about Bliss and her babies. What a good girl to continue to be a good Mama!

Around here, Dole has pineapple juice in the refrigerated section that comes in the milk-type cartons with a screw-off spout on the side at the top. It might be quite a bit more expensive than the canned stuff, though. They also have pineapple juice blends, like pineapple-banana-orange, which sounds gross but is really good.

I, too, was concerned you got the wrong medication. Now, though, I'm just thinking that the person whose job it was to poke all the pills out of the blister packs didn't make it through the last round of job cuts at the pharmacy. These days, it could definitely be true.

I really love your new blog look, and the "Friday Fragments" widget looked really nice with it. I'd like to have a pretty blog but I'm scared I'd lose everything and wouldn't know how to get it back!

Guess I did a Friday Fragments comment! Love the whole concept; it was fun to read and fun to comment on.

kim-d said...

Oh oh. Drama. What hostess thing?

Yes, I'm nosy. No, it's none of my business. Call me Mrs. Buttinsky, I don't care. What hostess thing?


Under the Influence said...

Jerks definitely should not have the freedom to act like themselves!

AirmanMom said...

me....I always enjoy my visits to your blog!
Make it a good weekend!

Alice said...

Love the Friday Fragments...what a GREAT idea.

The Bliss story...totally made me boo-hoo at my desk. I'm not sure if it is b/c I'm pregnant or I just love stories of how animals love too. Really great story. Thanks for sharing it. (Even if I do have goopy mascara today).

for a different kind of girl said...

My laptop has been making me crazy for a couple weeks. I turn it on and get a screen telling me it doesn't recognize the battery, therefore, it's not charged. But it is charged. I even took the battery out and reinserted it, and it indicates it's fully charged. I'm tired of the big blue warning screen!

Oh, and my S key works sporadically. I had to attempt typing 'sporadically' four times!

Liz said...

Fun post!! And Bliss sounds like one of the best dogs in the world. I love that she is still connected to her pups...

Sue said...

I like fragmented Friday. I may have to try that.
I love that you have to use the little triangle thing to open the pineapple juice. I haven't had a little triangle thingy for a long time. Hmm, maybe I will go get one and take up drinking pineapple juice!?

Abby said...

I love the name Bliss. We almost named Piper, Bliss. Aw, too cute.

Caution Flag said...

I love Friday Fragments! Glad you joined. Middle C on my piano clicks. I can't play anymore now!

Anonymous said...

I would welcome the old people pack. I need all the help I can get these days!

My keys are all super loud on my keyboard so whenever someone else is in the room, I worry that I sound like I"m stomping on them. I can't avoid the whole keyboard though.

Reddirt Woman said...

I got one of those round stackable bead holder thingies at Hobby Lobby and got my handy dandy label maker after it... labeled the days. That and blogging helps me keep track of the days since I no longer work.

Bliss sounds like such a sweetie. She must provide you a lot of company. I don't know what I'd do without my girls to keep me company.

Becca said...

really? that is so sweet about Bliss, going to see her puppies and especially going to see her puppy on the other team!!!!!!!!

(And I have wondered that about pineapple juice myself...)

Smoochiefrog said...

That is so sweet about Bliss and her puppies.

I purchase pineapple juice in 6oz cans. I get a 4 pack for around $1.50 or so. They'd be perfect for your son. Look for them on the very bottom shelves in the juice aisle.

Andrew Scott Turner said...


Hallie's got Morbid Mondays

now you with your Friday Fragments

I'm gonna have to come up with something.

You wait. I will. There's no stopping me now

By the way, if I had a squeaky T, I'd be tapping that sucker like it was a telegraph machine.

Okay, that sounded perverse.

Robin said...

i loved the part about bliss. how cool...and touching!

Tonjia said...

good questions! I have no clue about the prescription packaging, you should tell the pharmacist to get with the program, stop killing trees and go back to the bottles!

I personally, HATE popping pills out of those blister packs.

I think Bliss sounds like a sweetie. Give her a hug for me.

Proud Mom said...

First the "t" dilemma, then the pineapple juice dilemma... they both had me laughing at the computer screen again. My kids look at me like I'm senile or just plain possessed. They never laugh at the computer.

But then you had to put in the Bliss story and I started to bawl. Thanks, ME, for making me wonder if I am senile.

How do you spell "senile"? Looks weird. Hey no "t"! Except just then... omg now there's 4, then another. one more. Forge i I'm going o bed!

claudia said...

I need to borrow Bliss to come and teach me to be more loving on my kids when they come around. Sometimes I am not all that loving...I use my personal freedoms to be a jerk. They understand luckily. (I'm mentalpausal.)
Love your Friday Fragments. It's helps to get to know you a little more!
Love Ya!

Kelly Strei said...

I wonder the same thing about pineapple juice. And why does it have to come in such a large can? Usually I use it for a recipe that calls for 1/4 c. Hello?!!? What about the rest of it?


katy said...

By Friday I couldn't have a complete thought if my life depended on it, so this type of post is right up my alley.

Vegas Princess said...

The pineapple juice thing always perplexed me too. We need to work on that and come up with a solution.