Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Morning, Starshine

Well, the grand State of Maine woke to more snow this morning. School is cancelled. Again. I can't remember the last time Alex had to go to school for a whole week in a row. I wish it meant that I got some extra sleep, but it doesn't, as I am the one who gets up to check on school cancellations at 5:00, so that I can cancel the alarm and let him sleep in. He's tired from racing this weekend, so these Monday storms are perfectly okay with him. The forecast is for around 12 inches. Is it sad that my first thought was 'at least it's not two feet'?

I played around with my blog yesterday. A really sweet blog friend, Abby Reed, made this new header for me (quite a while ago) and I finally figured out how to put it up on my blog. Abby is a multi-talented gal, a hard worker, a huge animal lover and has a clever blog name. Thanks, Abby!

I have a house full of guests again, and it looks like they're snowed in for the day and night. One of the challenges of dog sled season is all the extra overnight visitors. I know it's just part of the deal, but still, it can be difficult sharing space in my house with 5 or 6 or 10 extra people every week or so. The worst part is that I don't feel like I can finish a thought in a houseful of people all talking at once. I've come to enjoy my blogging time, because it's my 'thinking time' and I miss it. I have big, important thoughts to think and write, after all...Okay, maybe I don't, but that's really not the point.

I'm also making plans for a giveaway. If I ever make it to 100 posts, I will have a real contest, but in the meantime, I'm having a SUPER SECRET GIVEAWAY. Unfortunately for you, I'm not telling you how to enter. This giveaway is strictly for my own amusement, and so I made up the rules and decided to keep them a secret. I have identified a certain comment that I might hear from one of my fabulously smart commenters, and the first person who makes this particular observation, WINS.

See how fun this will be? For ME, I mean? You can't do anything to enter, except go on commenting, just like always. If anybody ever spills the super-secret phrase/sentence/observation, they'll be a winner. It's like a game that only I will know we're playing! Well, I'll be the only one who knows the rules. Genius! And there's even a prize. Which is also a secret.

You may think I've lost my mind - and you'd be correct - but isn't one of the purposes of blogging to amuse oneself? And, in case you're wondering, pointing out that I am certifiably nuts is NOT the secret observation. Sorry.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your blog is now officially the same color as your kitchen!


Joanie said...

We had one winter, I believe the winter of 96, when my kids either had at least one snow day or had a 2 hour delay because of snow from January until mid-March. It was amazing they finished the school year on time.
My daughter is off from school today because of the same storm you're having.
Your new header looks very nice indeed!

Midwest Mommy said...

I am liking the new colors and look of the blog :-)

AirmanMom said...

Love the new look! We made it safely back to MD, and we brought the snow with us! Today is our first snow day of the season!
I'm looking forward to your 100th post!
Stay warm!

for a different kind of girl said...

I hope, hope, hope that we are done with the snow here. I've been watching robins flitting around in the trees for about three weeks now (even though we have had some snow since they returned), and I'm ready for the sun we've had to stick around.

I'm also thinking my kids need to stay in school as much as possible between now and the end of school!

Under the Influence said...

I have enjoyed the snow in OH this winter, but I AM READY FOR SPRING! (Is that the comment you are looking for?)

Proud Mom said...

M.E., Love the new look! I was thinking about you yesterday when I heard the forecast. We got nothing :( (yet) and lost so much snow Friday on the slopes, which is a total bummer for us skiers!

BTW, tell me how the teams did in Burke...

kim-d said...

Well, just look at you with your pretty new blog look and your (strange) giveaway! Very pretty, and very...ummm...nice(?). BWAHAHAHA!

Seriously. I would be certifiable, too, if I had a bunch of people staying in my house like that! Why do they have to stay at your house anyway? I do realize you can't just pull up to any old hotel with a truckload of dogs and sign right in, but does it have to be YOUR house? You need an apartment just for yourself when this happens. When I win the lottery, I will buy one for you! Or, for now you can just come to my house. Lots of room, only one person, one tiny girl cat, one moose boy cat, and no steps cause it's a rambler. C'mon! It'll be fun.

Did I win? :)

Liz said...

LOVE the new header!!

I think you have to give hints as to the phrase you are looking for...

Reddirt Woman said...

Ah... you must have seen the Groucho Marxs re-runs.. you're too young to have seen the original show. He'd flip his cigar up and down in his fingers and raise those eyebrows up and down and tell folks if they said the secret "woid" they'd win extra money.

So the ME Motel is up and running an extra day, with more snow. Like you said, at least it wsn't two feet. And as for being certifiable, I thought that was a given for anyone living in Maine throughout the winter.

Have a great 'snow day'.


Elenka said...

I, too, like your new header.
Cooped up with tons of guests and there's a nor'easter out there. Good Luck.
Noon time and the snow has stopped...apparently it's just a lull. You know there are many, many more days available for snow. The first day of spring around here is around July 4th, isn't that it?
I was going to put up my post about dirty snow today, but I can't find any at the moment. I just glad I don't have all those paths to shovel that you have.
Parka over nightgown...go out and bbq.
Hope you survive.

Reddirt Woman said...

Oh, yeah... I forgot to say the new look is great. Abbey Reed did good. She has a couple of cutie pie pups and a sweet kitty that puts up with the pups. Thanks for introducing her to us, too.


Odette said...

OOOhhhh I love the new blog layout! :) It looks great! I wish I had a snow day but here it's the ice that gets us, I am missing my first class today because the power went out because of the ice on the power lines... or because of the asshats working on the apartment above mine... any way I didn't get up on time...

Evansmom said...

Winter sucks about sums it up, ME is awesome,amazing, talented, creative and entertaining. She will have a job very soon and any company that doesn't hire her is just stupid.

I can't even gloat that we have less snow this time.

Abby Reed said...

Yay I am so glad you like you header!!! I love your blog, so I was more than happy to do it for you!!!! xoxoxoxox
PS: Thanks for the kind words, you are so sweeeet.

jojo said...

gah...all that snow is affecting your's all turned to white..yuck!
I'm liking the new look, it makes me feel hopeful for spring and all. I also like all the rules and regulations for the new contest. It's rather Hitchcockian of you.
Well, I hope you dig out soon and remember 12 inches is not two feet so you can relax.
Take care M.E..

Anonymous said...

Making up your own rules as you go along, eh? I think I played this game (and lost) with my ex!

Hope all those extras in your house help with the cooking & clean up!

Love your new look!

Hope all that snow doesn't melt at once.

Sue in WI

justlori2day said...

I think I actually said today that I hoped for one more major storm just because. I may have changed my mind... Hearing it is going to be in the 40's later this week, why would I really want the sweetness of spring to be delayed... So I say adios snow!

Sorry you got dumped on today!

Tonjia said...

awesome idea!!! I love your new blog header, I am going to have to check Abby's blog out.

Stay warm up there, we are all thinking about you guys.

Robin said...

you are SO clever! and i like the new look!

Sue said...

Looks like all I have missed over the last few days is that you got a butt load of new snow, you grill in your jammies, you are laid up, but I don't know how, you redesigned your page which looks FABULOUS! and you still don't have a job like much of the U.S.
Glad that I am up to date. Hope all your company helped you shovel!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what are the google ads at the bottom of your page???
i had to laugh at the snow ...CHEAP cpmment you left me GIGGLES... you have way too much of it we just wanted our predicted one inch LMAO
YOU keep me smiling friend!
Hugs and stay warm up there !

Debbie said...

I love the whole idea of making your own giveaway and only you knowing the rules. I think I may have to copy that.

Vegas Princess said...

The contest idea and having your own rules? Brilliant! But it may just drive me crazy trying to figure out what I need to say in order to win. As if I don't burn enough brain cells trying to be witty accidentally, now I have to put thought into things.

Amalia said...

Spring will come.


I was snowed in yesterday, too. While I enjoy the shorter work weeks (I am a teacher), I find that the remaining four days drag on forever.

Are you feeling better yet?

Alice said...

We got snowed out in GEORGIA if you can believe it. I mean, I still had to work yesterday, but the rest of the state shut down. Stay warm!