Friday, July 10, 2009

F is for Friday Fragments

It's time for Friday Fragments again. This is where I can dump out all the random stuff that isn't fully formed enough to be its own post. Of course, I realize the line is a fine one. If you like randomness, go check out our High Priestess of Fragmentation, Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin' Time. She's the one who started this thing, and she's funnier than a cat in pajamas.

* I am following the Tour de France obsessively again this year. I have been watching the tour for about thirty years, and love love love it. I think it is the most amazing demonstration of the triumph of the human body - and the human spirit. It's a perfect combination of athletic prowess, strategy, physical vs. mental strength and a huge helping of human interest. It also doesn't hurt that the scenery through Spain and France is so spectacular. This race is unlike anything we have here in the U.S. and I'm glued to it.

* Some people have recently commented that they wouldn’t be able to stand living here in Maine because of the horribly rainy weather. To that I say this: Rain? That’s nothing. You should see our snowstorms. Truthfully, though, this is usually a beautiful place to live. Yes, we have to deal with difficult winters, but they are gorgeous and provide us with a climate for creative play – skiing, skating, dogsledding, building snow men and snow forts – you can’t do that in the south. This rainy spell in the summer is unusual for us, which is probably why it has been so hard to take. Maine is filled with natural wonders, from the rocky coast to the majestic mountains, and there’s a reason it’s called Vacationland. Just not lately.

* Oh, and for the record? Sunny again today, just like yesterday. It’s a miracle.

* My girlfriend Jonel, who has just started blogging (I knew I could suck her in) wrote a very sweet post about me on my birthday. I got all teary-eyed and everything. Click here to read it or check out her blog at Just Sayin'. I also received some wonderful comments and emails. You bloggy people rock. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make it, but somebody is always there with a kind word and it keeps me going. I'm sending you all one of those smacky Dating Game kisses.
*I was going to put in a video of the Dating Game kiss here (for you younger folks who don't remember the show) but when I searched 'dating game kiss' on you tube, I got a bunch of stuff that made me want to gouge out my eyes. Although I did find a video of David Cassidy from when he was on the show. Love you, David!! But I digress...

* In case anybody in Hollywood wants to know, there is no need to make any more animated movies about rodents. Rodents are creepy. Cutesy, animated rodents? Still creepy. Having to watch movie trailers about animated rodents? Cruel. And creepy.

* Earlier this week I stopped in at Wal-Mart about 9:00 at night, and in the entryway (between the two sets of automatic doors) there were 6 of those carts – the ones that people use to drive around in when they have difficulty walking - all gathered together, with their drivers all talking at the same time. I slowed my step, hoping to hear what was going on (because I’m the curious type. Or I’m nosy. Whatever.) Anyway, it turns out that one guy was having trouble with his machine, and the others all came to rescue him. I love that we still live in a time where people will help each other. My batteries have been running low lately, and I might need rescuing any minute. Good to know that someone will be there.

* I never get tired of helping Brandon get dressed up for theme days at the camp where he works. Every Friday they have a different theme, and all the counselors dress up to match the theme. Brandon refuses to be outdone, so he really goes all out, no matter what the theme is. He’s dressed up as Robin Hood, a clown, a robot, a court jester, and of course his favorite: a pirate (Johnny Depp, even, complete with eye liner). It’s great fun. This year his girlfriend Sandy, who also works at camp, was here for the dress-up fun. The theme today is Movie Premiere, complete with red carpet and fun movie-related activities all day. Brandon and Sandy went off looking like celebrities - he was in an all-black suit, tie. fedora and sunglasses; she was in a long black gown with heels and evening clutch. I know the camp kids really get a kick out of it, but I think Brandon enjoys it more. He’s a ham. I wonder where he gets that from? I forgot to take a picture this morning, so I’ll leave you with this one of him from pirate theme day.


Corrine said...

This is Andrew...commenting under Corrine's name because I'm too lazy to log out and then back in again.

Hey, I'm on vacation. Gimme a break.

Anyway...I too am following the Tour...without cable or satellite. So, online. Goooooo Lance!

I love Maine, even though I piss and moan (a phrase invented in Maine, by the same guy who invented earmuffs)

I knew exactly what you meant by the Dating Game kiss, and I am going to use it in my novel. That's how much I like the visual.

David Cassidy rocks. I say that in a non-gay way.

Not a fan of rodent movies either...

Wal-Mart go-carts rock. And I say that in a non-gay way.

Brandon is cool. No matter what you say about him behind his back and write on bathroom walls.

Midwest Mommy said...

I am so glad you have another sunny day! I remember your pics of your snowstorms, no thank you!

Becca said...

yay for sun

yay for adults who like to still be kids

and I was more into Shaun cassidy but I remember David too. Only now he's just creepy

Odette said...

Tour de France... yeah I don't want to make you jealous or anything, but I was in Paris last year for the final leg and the victory lap. Okay so I was trying to make you jealous... did it work? (j/j)

I think we're on a similar weather pattern or something because whenever it's raining there it's raining here etc. So I feel your pain. I wish that this sun would stick around because the only silver lining to moving here weather wise was supposed to be the summers and so far it is not anything to look forward to!

Mrs4444 said...

You are the sweetest; I love my new title!

I usually catch up with the tour near the end. To me, that's the best part. Lance Armstrong is super-human, it seems~

I'm glad you mentioned details about Maine. Maybe I will come visit you one day :)

Off to visit Jonel!

Juls said...

...I'm so with you on rodent cartoons... really, I am. Tale of Desperaux, ratatouille--Not interested...and this new freaky rodent disney thing...nauseating...

It is nice to know that people are helpful, even still isn't it.
And thanks for stopping by my place...glad I could make you laugh... :) Have a great weekend.

Reddirt Woman said...

Yes we can... we can do all that stuff in the south. We just have to be very creative as to how we make it all look like in might be snow forts or men. And we might only be able to do it for one or two days a year. I've seen people skiing down small hills into WalMart parking lots. Kids take the wheels of their wagons and tie their dog to the handle and have a wienie on a stick for said dog to chase and when I worked for UPS many years ago we had an ice storm and there was actually a fellow ice skating on the parking lot... on purpose... with real ice skates on. Like I said, creative.

Love the post and love it that Brandon is such a ham. Takes after his mom, yes?


Scriptor Senex said...

I have a battery charger in the shed - I'll hook it up for you any time you need it!

claudia said...

Good randoms today!
We just met some people who moved out here from Vermont. I told her she was going to be bored with our weather after a while, because we have no seasons. At least you have seasons. We just have a day and then a night and once a week we get two weekend days. Pretty boring, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Kris said...

Lol on the are so right!!! Why DO they do that?

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

WooHoo on the miracle of sun! ;) I loved Maine when I visited there in a tourist capacity years ago - have always wanted to go back for another visit. ;) The weather has been wacky this year, though - all over...Mother Nature must have lost her mind. :)

Love that all the other cart-riders were helping out the one guy... ;)

So cool that Brandon totally gets into the dress-up mode for the camp - I bet he's the kids' favorite counselor! ;)

Happy FF a day late! :)

Sara Bonds said...

Sounds like Maine is the place for me! I love Fall and Winter, and want to live somewhere that doesn't really have a Spring of Summer. We assumed anywhere up North would be good.

Elenka said...

I'm glad It's TODAY that I'm making my feelings about living in Maine known. I love it! I even loved it yesterday, and, I think, even the day before.
Thanks goodness my memory is not as good as it used to be, 'cause I'd have some choice comments to make about the days before that....

Sue said...

OMG, what a horrible friend I am for missing your birthday!!! Happy Birthday, M.E.!!!! Things have been busy here, but then when aren't things busy here. Sorry, just haven't been checking in as usual!

Go Lance! I love the tour too! And I love Maine!!! The rain has affected Cape Cod too. Maybe it rained so much to make us appreciate the sunny days. Like today! Yippee! I will be in the great state of Maine the first week of August. Maybe you, me and Hallie can get together again?