Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tomorrow's NOT just another day

Well, it's almost here. Tomorrow's the big day. Actually, it's the BIG DAY. I will be leaving my house in the early hours tomorrow - probably about 6:15, in the dark, to head to Augusta. I have checked and rechecked and rechecked my little folder to make sure the required documentation is safely inside.

I expect a lot of other people will be there, as well. There are a bunch of folks who have secured hotel rooms in Augusta for tonight (they got a block of rooms through the OBC for ME group) just to make sure they can be there bright and early in line. They're getting together for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow to lend support to each other.

I thought about joining them, but in the end decided to go it alone. I'm not ready to talk about how I'm feeling with the others - not yet, anyway. I know I keep spilling all my emotions to you in the blogosphere, but somehow that's different. I feel like I know most of you, and I know, through your amazing comments, that you support me. I can't tell you how much your bloggy love means to me.

I'm crying (again) as I write this, and I don't know exactly why, but I know they're not the bad kind of tears. I've cried more in the last day than I have in a long, long time, but I can't seem to stop. I'm so close to something I've dreamed about for most of my life. And I'm absolutely terrified about what I'll find, and even more scared about the next steps I'll be taking.

Still, I'm excited, and I can't wait to share it all with you. I'll do my best to post sometime tomorrow afternoon and let you know how it went. I wish you all Happy New Year. I hope you have a healthy, love-filled year ahead of you.


Blogging Under the Influence said...

I can't wait for the update. Happy New Year! Get some rest for your big day.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ok looking for the correct words to convey the emotion....You are on the biggest roller coaster of emotion and unknowns of a humans life and for anyone who has not been there or who is there but denies those emotions are setting themselves up for insanity.

I am not so sure I could deal with a bunch of folks on the same journey at the same time either as the emotional level could make or break friendships/ or prevent new ones from forming ...wise of you to decided not to partake in, the ride there will be enough insanity while waiting in that line in the morning.

For me there came a moment (not exactly sure WHEN or Where it happened) but, it hit me one day that even knowing did not change me in the ways I thought it would...(after the reunion and 8 years) Some quirks were answered, some unresolved need to know things were taken care of and dont get me wrong I so would do it all again...that hole is filled and even though the fantasies I had growing up were NOTHING like the reality, and the answers were totally different from the dreams just knowing has completed a circle that began at my conception.

HA did any of that make sense at all? Just enjoy the moment my friend having the OBC opens doors and windowns to make it possible to find (if that is what you choose to do) the person and maybe persons who gave you physical life.

I will be in your pocket tomorrow so if need be whisper to me and hang tightly to the knot at the end of the rope until you have that paper in your hands!

claudia said...

I got a tear of happiness for you as I read that.
I am with you in spirit in your journey tomorrow.
Drive carefully. I am so here waiting for that update.

jojo said...

I'm crying reading it. I feel so much anxiety and anticipation for/with you. Can't wait for the updae tomorrow. Travel safely and know we are all here to cheer for you. Happy Healthy New Year..;)

Reddirt Woman said...

You do know that we all will be with you in spirit... holding you up if your knees get weak, supporting you on YOUR special day. I don't think I'd want to talk to people either until I had time to read and digest and then read again. And then again.

{{{{{hugs, M.E.}}}}


MaBunny said...

Wow. I just hopped on over here to give you some bloggy love and cyber hugs. I hope, no matter what tomorrow brings, that it will settle your mind and heart once and for all.
I can't even begin to imagine how you are feeling.

Becca said...

update us as soon as you can, we are all behind you!

kim-d said...

Well, ME, now it is "tomorrow" and I just want you to know, I'm there with you in spirit!

We'll be waiting...

Becca said...

ok its almost 3 your time and no update, i am dying up here in AK!!!!!!!!

Shellie said...

You too, a happy and wonderful year. The blogosphere is somehow an easier place to spill it than in person lots of times. Weird, isn't it?